Customer Testimonials

“Beautiful FBO and an easy in / easy out airport near a busy airspace. But the best part occurred after I left. I did not realize my Florida SunPass would not work in Texas (my error) and so I forgot that it was left in my rental car. When I realized it was missing upon returning home, Laura graciously tracked it down and mailed to me. Great customer care!”

- Stephen S. on Henriksen Jet Center (KTME)


“Good service in the FBO and ramp personnel!”

- Abel H. on ExecuJet Moneterrey (MMAN)


“A couple of weeks ago I flew over to Odyssey to pick up friends flying in from the states, rules had changed because of COVID for this private flight to fly them to another island. The day before the flight I called Odyssey, Mr. Russell and staff were instrumental in getting me approved for this flight both ways. I can't thank them enough for helping me make this a legal and exciting flight.”

- Jeff K. on Odyssey Aviation (MYNN)


“I highly recommend!!!!”



“I want to put a big shout out for Alaska Aerofuel. I have been coming to this FBO for over 13 years now and I can't say enough good things about them. Jeramy and the rest of the line staff as well as Monyka and Debora Ryan and Tim have made this visit the best ever. Obviously the new owners know how to hire competent and friendly staff. This is the "go to place" on the field at Fairbanks for anyone passing thru. I'd call it a Five Star Experience.”

- David F. on Alaska Aero Fuel - Ross Aviation (PAFA)


“Great service! Thank you!”

- Cofrance S. on ExecuJet Paris (LFPB)


“I've been flying into YIP for years in a 182. I've always gone to Odyssey and they've always treated me like big iron. When I say big iron, I mean BIG iron. Their ramp will accommodate a 747-400! When I'm marshaled in, I'm always greeted by name by personnel that have worked there for years and remember me. I think that says a lot about the culture at Odyssey. I can see why the Jet folks come here. They're probably in their cars on 275 or 94 before they'd even get to the FBO at DTW. With reasonable fuel prices and the friendly service, Odyssey gets 5 big stars from me!”

- WD Lewis on Odyssey Aviation (KYIP)


“Top handler in Ibiza! Super professional!”

- Captain Matt U. on Sky Valet Ibiza (LEIB)


“Excellent service from the entire staff at ProJet. We stopped by on the way to Oshkosh and again on the way home. The airplane is met, any services needed are documented and when you're ready to leave they make sure all needs have been met.”

- Jim M. on ProJet Aviation (KJYO)


“Very good service for private flights!”

- Héctor G. on Sky Valet Barcelona (LEBL)


“Received excellent VIP experience!”

- Zandile N. on ExecuJet Johannesburg (FALA)


“A terrific line crew helped me with a failed battery by supplying a jump-start from a personal vehicle, otherwise I would have been sunk. After I signed a waiver (I understand the need for waivers) a line guy used his personal vehicle to jump my aircraft and I was able to depart successfully for home. The line guys resolutely declined compensation. Decent human beings every one.”

- Wes H. on Ross Aviation - Rectrix Aviation (KSRQ)


“Professional service. Lovely building.”

- Mariolise W. on ExecuJet Cape Town (FACT)


“FBO went out of their way to accommodate us, provided rental car and fuel. Nice people, beautiful new hangar and busy maintenance shop.”

- Doug R. on Lowcountry Aviation (KRBW)


“Very professional, competent and friendly. Highly recommended!”

- Philipp L. on ExecuJet Munich (EDDM)


“I keep my SR22 at Premier Jet Center and everyone there is phenomenal. They understand the importance of an excellent customer experience and ensure I always get outstanding service. From the customer service desk, to the line folks, to the maintenance staff I feel like I'm their only customer and it's this high level of customer experience that sets them apart from all the rest of the FBO's at KFCM and most anywhere else that I have visited.”

- Patrick B. on Premier Jet Center (KFCM)


“Great service, friendly people and a comfortable crew lounge.”

- Thomas M. on ExecuJet Berlin (EDDB)


“Great FBO with good service. I have been very pleased as a base tenant on my F900.”

- Dan H. on Clay Lacy Aviation (KSNA)


“Really nice service from a line crew that knows how to hustle.”

- Dan H. on Ross Aviation (KSDL)


“Aero Air's 100LL prices have been very competitive, and they even offer a discount on top of that for AngelFlight missions. They have two clean crew cars, and are generous with their lending of them. I've recently switched to Aero Air from Global since they've gotten less welcoming of piston planes, and I've been very happy with the switch!”

- William D. on Aero Air (KHIO)


“Had to divert inflight due to a severe thunderstorm at DVT & PHX. Jim & the PM crew took excellent care of my bird and our passengers, making room and pulling our Pilatus into a hangar seconds before a dust storm enveloped the airport. Always a pleasure doing business with Lux Air, whether planned ahead or last minute.”

- Tommy J. on Lux Air Jet Centers (KGYR)


“Stopped in for fuel and a quick bite to eat. Super nice facility. Both the line folks and the front desk people were very helpful and friendly. Used the courtesy car to go into town for lunch. I'll be back.”

- Ken M. on Fargo Jet Center (KFAR)


“We just came back from another long weekend in Dallas, and again we picked Business Jet Center for the Bonanza. I can't say enough good things about the nice people working here, both on the line and in the office. As you might expect at an airport like DAL, flying here isn't cheap, but you get what you pay for at this FBO.”

- Martin P. on Business Jet Center (KDAL)


“Incredibly hospitable and professional. I got stranded here with an Air Force jet and they were very accommodating and let me borrow a crew car overnight while waiting for it to get fixed. Would highly recommend!”

- Richard C. on Ross Aviation - Rectrix Aviation (KBAF)


“The team here was a great group; comprised of the type of people who learn your name and joke with you while they're pushing the plane back... I enjoyed the stay and paid less than I have elsewhere at BED. They handled my small 2-seat experimental without issue and showed genuine interest in airplanes and in our comfort.”

- Jim R. on Ross Aviation - Rectrix Aviation (KBED)


“I've been parking at Ross on and off for the last 18 months. This FBO is top notch. The desk personnel and line service are very professional and always there to park my Mooney Acclaim Type S & roll out the red carpet after shutdown. They've helped me out with cabs, hotels, and let me borrow their courtesy car to get lunch. This FBO ROCKS! Their facility is large with lots of open space for social distancing. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”

- David L. on Ross Aviation Long Beach (KLGB)


“Friendly, professional staff. Took great care of my passengers and my aircraft. Highly recommended.”

- Mike R. on DuPage Flight Center (KDPA)


“We visited Ross Aviation to drop our passengers off and then spent the night with our Falcon. As the CP for a part 91 Falcon, we visit numerous FBO's across the country. Ross Aviation is undoubtedly the best I have visited in quite a while. Upon arrival the guys were prompt, waiting on us and had our passengers car ready planeside. The fuel truck was there immediately and we were heading off to the hotel in short order. I must say that the next day when we were preparing for departure, the ramp agent, Gwyn, could not have been friendlier. What a pleasure. Without asking she brought ice and papers. And when we struck up a conversation they were staffed appropriately so she had time to visit for a bit. Gwyn exudes the energy, helpfulness and positive outgoing attitude that will continue to bring customers back. Like that of a long lost best friend. Ross Aviation has found exceptional talent across the board. Best FBO I've been to in a LONG time. We will definitely be back.”

- Bill B. on Ross Aviation Thermal (KTRM)


“Top Service! The real Executive Handling at Munich Airport.”

- Stefan B. on ExecuJet Munich (EDDM)


“Excellent customer service follow up. The team anticipated my needs and stayed in constant contact when questions arose. I very much appreciate their attention to detail and reaching out on a timely basis. Well done.”

- Dean J. on ProJet Aviation (KJYO)


“I read negative reviews on two different web sites for this FBO and was quite concerned about my visit. I am delighted to report that my experience was OUTSTANDING. I was greeted by two very friendly linemen who asked what services would I like. I went in the FBO and secured my rental car at the quoted price and checked in at the front counter and ordered my aircraft fuel to be topped off. I encountered nothing but smiling faces with excellent attitudes. I went to get a luggage cart (rental cars are not allowed on the ramp) and noticed the greeting linemen had already got a cart for me and were waiting at the plane. They were very busy but the attention I received was appreciated. I called before returning to the airport 2 days later and my plane was pulled up to the front line with full fuel. I highly recommend this FBO based on my visit.”

- Dan M. on Fontainebleau Aviation (KOPF)


“A terrific line crew helped me with a failed battery by supplying a jump-start from a personal vehicle, otherwise I would have been sunk. After I signed a waiver (I understand the need for waivers) a line guy used his personal vehicle to jump my aircraft and I was able to depart successfully for home. The line guys resolutely declined compensation. Decent human beings every one.”

- Wes H. on Ross Aviation Sarasota (KSRQ)


“The best independent FBO in the nation. Stopped in again last month and needed help loading a heavy item into the baggage compartment. Alexander Casanova and the other line staff were great. Counter staff excellent also.”

- Vol S. on National Jets (KFLL)


"Great service, coffee machines, sparkling water comfortable chairs and fantastic staff. The facilities were spotless and very well looked after. I’m going to have to really reset my radar for service back to Qantas levels soon and I am not looking forward to it."

- Daniel W. on ExecuJet Sydney (YSSY)


"In my honest opinion, Business Jet is a step above the rest. I was a transient customer for roughly 2 years before becoming a based customer when my principal moved operations there. And I can honestly say, transient customer or based customer, everyone is treated with the utmost respect and given the same priority as the next guy. From the customer service representatives up front to the line personnel in the back, you will receive the attention to detail both pilots and owners alike appreciate receiving. I would gladly refer anyone to Business Jet Center at Dallas Love."

- J. Trahan on Business Jet Center (KDAL)


"Best service around!!!!!! Hands down this FBO is hard to beat. They monitor incoming flights and automatically pull valet passenger vehicles to planeside, on the ramp, at shutdown. Fuel prices are good and they get fuel orders correct. Very well trained staff and extremely helpful. Love operating in and out of this FBO. 5/5 stars."

- Donnie P. on Henriksen Jet Center (KTME)


"Zelda and her crew at Odyssey run one of the best FBOs in the Caribbean that I’ve ever seen. These people were very helpful and Odyssey has fair prices. They make clearing customs a breeze and will have you on the beach in no time. Will be back for sure! Thank you!"

- Jason A. on Odyssey Aviation (MYNN)