Frequently Asked Questions about Paragon Preferred.

How much does it cost?  Paragon Preferred Powered By NOZL’s basic subscription is no cost to the operator. In order to benefit from the NOZL.Direct™ prices and our Support Team, an operator will need to purchase the Premium subscription for $300/aircraft each year. Flight departments with large fleets are eligible for volume discounts. 


Is it only for part 91 operators?  No, Paragon Preferred is available for ALL operators. We welcome Part 135, Part 91, turboprop, piston, etc.  


Do you provide credit? No, Paragon Preferred and NOZL.Direct™ pricing is negotiated on your behalf. Payment of fuel and services via the credit card of your choice prior to departure is required. Additional discounts may apply with use of FBOs preferred credit card*.  


Do I use a fuel card to purchase?  Is this contract fuel?  We do not have a "Fuel Card” and are not a contract fueler. 


 How do I send a fuel release?  We do not send a fuel release as there is no credit facility. Instead, we send an Arrival Notification to the FBO with your negotiated NOZL.Direct™ fuel price included.  


How can I ensure my discount?  You can ensure your discount by creating an Arrival Requests. You can send a request several different ways. The simplest way is through the NOZL app, available for desktop and in the iOS App Store. Access can be given to dispatchers so that they can send and/or view Arrival Notifications as well. Users may also send an Arrival Notification through a fuel shopping tool or scheduling software. If a user prefers to write out all the details in an email, it can be sent to and we will send it on your behalf  With this method, it could take up to 8-hours to complete.  


*Premium Subscription is required for NOZL.Direct™ fuel pricing. 


Can all of our pilots use it on their own or do we need a dispatcher to send the requests?  Each pilot can have their own account. Specific aircraft can be assigned to each pilot. Example, if Dave only flies the Gulfstream 550, you can assign that to him so he can only create Arrival Notifications for that aircraft. However, a dispatcher can also be given access to the same aircraft, as many or as few aircraft as necessary. 


What are the average discounts within the platform?  Paragon Preferred and NOZL.Direct™ discounts vary depending on the location and we do not dictate how much an FBO should sell their fuel for. On average, discounted pricing is 20% off retail. At FBOs that use contract fuel, a Premium Subscriber will often find pricing lower than contract fuel as it is direct from the FBO to the end user.  


How long will it take to recoup my subscription cost?  Of course this depends on the amount of fuel uplifted, but the annual $300 subscription fee/aircraft should be covered in 1-2 uplifts. 


What is the difference between the Basic plan and Premium?  The Basic plan allows access to all Paragon Preferred and NOZL locations to be viewed via the NOZL app. Users will also receive Paragon Preferred location pricing in a weekly CSV file.  The Premium Subscription provides a user with the additional negotiated NOZL.Direct™ fuel pricing in the weekly CSV file as well as the support of both Paragon Aviation Group and NOZL teams. This Support Team follows up on all Arrival Notifications to ensure they are acknowledged. Additionally, for Arrival Requests sent to an FBO that isn’t displaying a fuel price, a team member will assist you with negotiating the best price for each leg. It’s like having your own full-time fuel shopper. 


* Please note that the payment method must be accepted by the FBO. Not every credit card type is accepted by all FBOs and handling agents. Most locations will have a preferred payment method that may provide additional discounted pricing.

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