FBO Member Benefits



We are committed to helping our independent FBO network members provide an exceptional experience to their customers.



The Paragon Network® is a distinguished membership of elite FBOs and international handling agents that provide world-class service to general aviation travelers around the globe. Paragon Aviation Group performs a comprehensive audit of the facilities and services offered to ensure the quality of the member base before any FBO joins The Paragon Network®. Each member FBO must comply with a set of strategically developed core standards to remain in the group. Paragon Aviation Group facilitates The Paragon Network.

Member Benefits

Increased Business

Members share based tenant and transient customer
information, increasing sales opportunities.

Direct Fuel Pricing

Through the Paragon Preferred program, all participating members have the opportunity to send customized fuel pricing directly to flight departments.

Leadership Meetings

Management team members from each location may attend or host biannual meetings, where on-site department evaluations take place and best practices are shared among the group.

Monthly Airport Reports

Paragon provides members with a monthly airport summary that highlights key insights for each member airport. These reports can be customized to enhance sales and management tools and create a more analytical approach to the operation.

Customized Network Tools

Paragon has developed programs to assist member FBOs with their operational, service, and sales efforts.

SUCCESS Meetings

Annual meetings for CSMs, LSMs, and sales and marketing team members to gain a Superior Understanding of Customer Care Excellence, Sales and Service.

Share Best Practices

Paragon Network members are provided with the opportunity to network & share best practices with other exceptional FBOs.


The Paragon Corporate leadership team has over 85 years combined aviation and FBO experience. Their primary interest is to improve the bottom line of each member’s operation.


The Paragon Network is successful because they work together and compliment their differences. Each FBO in the network brings value by being unique.

Advisory Committee

An elite group of peers will help guide the direction and value proposition that is offered not only to the FBOs, but also to flight departments.

Buying Power

Paragon Members can receive special pricing through bulk purchasing on vendor services.

Core Standards


Uncompromising safety is the most important element in aviation. Each one of our members is NATA Safety 1st Certified or has completed an equivalent program.


We can guarantee a first-class operation through comprehensive audits and core standards that each FBO is required to meet before joining the group.


Our FBOs are the most consistent and dependable operators in the world.


Our network of FBO locations guarantee a quality facility and outstanding service at a competitive price.


Award-winning service is undeniable in the Paragon Network. Each member location has been rated amongst the best FBOs in the world.

FBO Member Testimonials

“DuPage Flight Center appreciates the opportunity to join other high-quality independent FBOs in Paragon Aviation Group. This elite collection of aviation businesses are a testament that “bigger isn’t better”. The service and facilities provided to all of the member’s customers are the best in the industry. We all know that our based customers will be treated with same great level of customer service and facilities on the road as they are at their home airport. The benefits as members of Paragon Aviation Group are beneficial not only to our customers, but to our staff and business as well. The proactive team at Paragon assists us tirelessly with marketing, sales and operational assistance. The Paragon team, coupled with the wealth of knowledge and experience of all the members collectively, provide strong support to DuPage Flight Center in the ever changing FBO industry.”

- Mark Doles, Director of Aviation Facilities & Properties Director, DuPage Flight Center (KDPA)

"We are proud to be a founding member of Paragon Aviation Group. Paragon allows us the luxury of remaining an independent FBO while providing us with the connectivity to a larger, like-minded network. In addition they provide sales tools and training to help us stay competitive and be strategic in today's market. The Paragon team is a professional, well organized group, and the programs offered are always well-researched, executed and consistently effective. We are very happy that we are part of Paragon Aviation Group."

- Steven Kelly, President & CEO, Odyssey Aviation Bahamas (MYEF/MYNN)

"Being a Paragon Member means that our FBO maintains a higher standard than others in the industry. There is no comparison between Paragon Aviation Group and other independent FBO organizations. Paragon does more for their members than any of the others do for theirs. The exclusivity of being a Paragon Member adds tremendous value to our FBO. Our fellow member's commitment to hold the highest standards in general aviation, make the Paragon Network better than the rest."

- Mark Binko, CFO & Vice President of Finance, National Jets (KFLL)