Austin, TX (KEDC)

Henriksen Jet Center

Opa Locka, FL (KOPF)

Fontainebleau Aviation

Chicago, IL (KDPA)

DuPage Flight Center

Belfast, N. Ireland

Jet Assist

Providence, RI (KOQU)

Providence Jet Center


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Yelvington Jet Aviation (KDAB)
Tunica Air Center (KUTA)
Silverhawk Aviation (KLNK)
Ross Aviation (KLGB)
Ross Aviation (KHPN)
Providence Jet Center (KOQU)
ProJet Aviation (KJYO)
Premier Jet Center (KFCM)
Platinum Air Center (KJKA)
Odyssey Aviation (MYNN)
Odyssey Aviation (MYEF)
Odyssey Aviation (KYIP)
Odyssey Aviation (KISM)
National Jets (KFLL)
Lux Air Jet Centers (KGYR)
Jet Assist (EGAA)
Indy Jet (KMQJ)
Henriksen Jet Center (KTME)
Henriksen Jet Center (KEDC)
Fontainebleau Aviation (KOPF)
Fargo Jet Center (KFAR)
DuPage Flight Center (KDPA)
Constant Aviation (KSFB)
Columbus Jet (KTZR)
Clay Lacy Aviation (KVNY)
Clay Lacy Aviation (KBFI)
Aero Air (KHIO)

Welcome to the Paragon Network™, a distinguished group of carefully vetted independent FBO’s that provide a first-class experience for general aviation travelers across the world. FBO Network Members enjoy increased business through group networking efforts while providing additional benefits to based customers. Each independent fixed base operator joining The Paragon Network™ goes through a comprehensive audit of their facility and FBO services to ensure the quality of the member base. The Paragon Network™ is facilitated by Paragon Aviation Group™.

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Featured FBO: Odyssey Aviation (KISM)
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