Paragon Network™ Soars in Annual Surveys

Paragon Network™ members were recognized for their outstanding safety, service and facilities in the 2014 AIN FBO Survey of the Americas.

Tampa Int’l Jet Center (KTPA) and XJet (KAPA) placed among the Top 5% of all FBOs rated. Member employees Julie Silberman (KTPA), Henning Schymik (KAPA) and Holly Hopkins (KFTW) were also highlighted for outstanding customer service. Other locations recognized include Fargo Jet Center (KFAR) and National Jets (KFLL), both of whom placed in the Top 10%. Jet Aviation (KPBI) and Texas Jet (KFTW) ranked in the Top 20%.

“There’s no rocket science to what we do in the FBO industry,” said Tampa Int’l Jet Center President, Phil Botana, in the article. “I think it’s the execution, over time proving to customers and flight departments that the same things they like will happen each time they arrive.”

Paragon Members were also regional favorites in the survey, with DuPage Flight Center (KDPA), Clay Lacy Aviation (KBFI) and three Jet Aviation locations (KBED, KHOU and KTEB) scoring among the Top 5 FBOs in their region. Clay Lacy in Van Nuys (KVNY) was also noted for having one of the most improved scores in this year’s survey. All Paragon Members recognized for being among the top 30% overall were ranked highly within their region.

PRASE from Pro Pilot

AIN voters were not the only ones impressed by the Paragon Network™. Pro Pilot readers voted Paragon members among the best FBOs in their 2014 PRASE survey. Full results are below:

Top 50 Best FBOs Overall

4. XJet (KAPA)
6. Texas Jet (KFTW)
9. National Jets (KFLL)
13. Jet Aviation (KPBI)
35. Jet Aviation (KTEB)
43. Clay Lacy (KBFI)

Best Independent FBOs

2. XJet (KAPA)
4. Texas Jet (KFTW)
6. National Jets (KFLL)
20. Clay Lacy (KBFI)

Best Caribbean

3. Odyssey Bahamas (MYNN)

Best CSR

2. Holly Hopkins (KFTW)

An Elite Network

With more than 10 member locations ranked, the Paragon Network™ was among the top FBO networks represented in both surveys for a second year in a row.

“Providing an elite experience for passengers and crew has always been the foundation of our network,” Mike Delk, President of Paragon Aviation Group®, said. “We are proud to have so many of our members recognized in this year’s surveys.”