Paragon Aviation Group Revamps Website with New Design, Features

Paragon Aviation Group revamped its website to feature a modern color scheme and design plus improved functionality with interactive maps and streamlined pages.  These updates make the newly designed website a more user-friendly and valuable resource for visitors.

Since The Paragon Network has grown to over 100 FBOs in 24 countries, an interactive map helps easily identify all Paragon FBO locations worldwide.  Each FBO’s individual page also has an interactive map that zooms in on the airport location and pinpoints key landmarks and areas of interest nearby.  With Paragon’s expansive global presence, a language translator via Google Translate was added to accommodate several native languages.

In addition, the website is also a mobile-optimized site displaying larger navigation buttons, reformatted content, and differently optimized images when viewed on handheld devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

“The purpose behind our website’s new features and design is to provide the best resource that both flight departments and crews can count on pre- or post-visit,” said Megan Barnes, President of Paragon Aviation Group.  “In addition to service offerings by FBO, we now provide our customers in-depth information and detailed maps so they can be adequately prepared for their travel and receive quick responses through our live chat feature.”

Visitors are encouraged to tour the website and sign up for Paragon's monthly newsletter to stay informed about the latest FBO news and updates within the network.