Paragon Aviation Group® Holds Sixth Annual Leadership Meeting

Paragon Aviation Group Leadership Meeting

Houston, TX – October 16th, 2018 – Paragon Aviation Group® holds sixth Leadership Meeting at Fargo Jet Center.

In October 2018, Fargo Jet Center in Fargo, ND (KFAR) was the host location for the Paragon Network™ Leadership Meeting. These meetings are coordinated by Paragon corporate specifically for senior management and owners from Paragon member FBOs. They include a comprehensive on-site evaluation with constructive feedback, shared best practices, guest speakers, a team-building activity and other networking opportunities.

The teambuilding event was a charitable activity in which managers were encouraged to use a variety of skills from planning, engineering, time management, leadership, problem solving, creating thinking and more. They were placed into four groups and were tasked with creating the sculpture of their choice using hundreds of canned goods. Each team challenged one another in an assortment of games to earn more materials for their creations. The sculptures were rated in the areas of creativity, difficulty, and structural integrity. Post activity, all canned goods were then donated to the Great Plains Food Bank in Fargo, ND.

An MVP was voted on by the group based on who they believe provided the most value throughout the meeting. This year’s winner was Darren Hall, Vice President of Marketing at Fargo Jet Center (KFAR). Darren’s willingness to share with the group and participation in discussions were invaluable. An “Awesome Idea” is also shared by each attendee and the group votes on the best one. Tim Berger with Lux Air Jet Centers (KGYR) took the gold in this category.

“Our FBO members’ relationships with each other is the foundation of this amazing network,” stated Megan Barnes, President of Paragon Aviation Group. “Our number one responsibility to our members is to create opportunities for them to network and enhance these relationships, which ultimately increases business and operational efficiencies for each location. These meetings support those efforts and ensure we don’t lose sight of what matters to our customers.”

Feedback from the group post meeting included comments such as: “Great speakers”, “Excellent group of professionals”, “Learned a lot”, and “I have a list of over 100 ideas or areas of improvement received from this meeting.” In addition, 100% of attendees indicated that they would be attending the next meeting.