Uncompromising safety is the most important ingredient in aviation. Each one of our members is NATA Safety 1st Certified or has completed an equivalent program.


Award winning service is undeniable in the Paragon Network™. Each independent FBO location has been rated among the best FBOs in the world.


This group of FBOs are the most consistent and dependable operators in the world.


Our network of independent FBO locations guarantee a quality facility and outstanding service at a competitive price.


Paragon Aviation Group™ can guarantee a first-class operation through comprehensive audits and core standards that each FBO is required to meet before joining the group.

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What are the benefits of using The Paragon Network™?

This unique independent FBO network of small chain operators bring something to aviation that no other large FBO chain can provide – the certainty that each time you fly into a Paragon member you are at a premier FBO facility with award-winning service.

Through state of the art flight tracking software, The Paragon Network™ can ensure that traveling from destination to destination within the network is flawless. Each of our FBO locations are in constant communication to ensure that no service item is missed on arrival or departure.

Paragon Aviation Group™ is committed to excellence in all facets of their business and you can be confident in the strength and reliability of The Paragon Network™.

How do I become a Paragon Preferred customer?

All customers using The Paragon FBO Network are eligible for Paragon Preferred status. Through Paragon Preferred, customers receive customized fuel pricing for each participating Paragon member in five, easily accessible formats:

  • By logging in to the Paragon Preferred Website
  • A weekly CSV file that can easily be uploaded in various scheduling programs
  • Through FuelerLinx (if the customer is a FuelerLinx subscriber)
  • Through JetFuelX (if the customer is a JetFuelX subscriber)
  • Through PFM (if the customer is a PFM subscriber)

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