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XJet Returns to The Paragon Network

XJet at Centennial Field (KAPA) in Englewood, CO has reinstated their membership with the elite Paragon Network.

XJet, the newest and most luxurious FBO at Denver’s Centennial Airport, offers the most superior services at KAPA. They are focused on providing their unique brand of Seven Star Service in a state of the art facility paired with top-of-the-line equipment. Every aircraft is met by one of their Flight Support Concierge and Line Ambassadors to ensure a seamless experience every time. Their …Read more

Columbus Jet Joins The Paragon Network

Columbus Jet at Bolton Field Airport (KTZR) in Columbus, OH is now an elite member of the Paragon Network.

Columbus Jet is a sister company to Indy Jet at KMQJ in Indianapolis, IN, another first-class Paragon Network FBO. Columbus Jet is the fastest choice to downtown Columbus and surrounding business hubs. With a 5,500 foot runway, ILS precision approach, in Class D airspace, it is a great option for all travelers heading to Columbus. As a full service FBO …Read more

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